MacAnders Talent Acquisition Services® delivers its expertise in sourcing and selecting executives, experts and managers in critical recruitment peak situations when the company’s recruitment capacities are temporarily stretched to the limit.

MacAnders Talent Acquisition Services® is an RPO solution that is particularly flexible in that it allows us to dedicate one or more sourcing experts, generally seconded to our clients’ premises, to meet any situation necessitating support from recruitment specialists with efficiency, responsiveness and the highest professional standards.

When do you need to rely on MacAnders Talent Acquisition Services®?

  • When you need to build a “turnkey” team at short notice (site construction, project team, sudden need to recruit a large number of engineers or experts because of a new contracts, etc.)
  • When you need to control the costs of massive recruitment campaigns,
  • When you need to focus on your core business and delegate recruitment to an expert partner,
  • When you need to significantly reduce recruitment leadtimes,

Because it is flexible, the service provision time can vary, and may also require one or more experts seconded in project mode. MacAnders Talent Acquisition Services® also assists its clients in defining recruitment processes suited to their requirements to guarantee the best possible efficiency, optimum responsiveness and enhancing to its clients’ image as employers.