The digitalization of our society led to the emergence of new professions, new profiles, new codes, and multiple questions for businesses. Which profile is required to spread the digital culture within the organization? How to integrate a digital native in a Management Committee whose members’ talents are mostly issued from a more traditional economy? What is the project that will allow to capture and retain an exceptional skilled expert?

MacAnders has the privilege of being in the middle of these reflections and to have a wide vision on market exercises. The quality of our support is reinforced by the beliefs we forged. The background of our consultants within technological companies facilitate accurate targeting of the most technically talented, even the most disruptive.

At MacAnders, we love our smartphones, our tablets, our wired offices connected to the cloud, but our conviction is that these tools will NEVER replace human contact nor the talent of our consultants to highlight the projects of their customers!

Areas of Expertise:

  • Cloud, Data management (Big Data, Data Analytics )
  • Data System Orientation / digital business transformation
  • IT Services: SSII, Consulting firms , Integrators
  • Media, Digital, E-Commerce
  • Software companies
  • ERP
  • Telco &Web