Privacy policy

MacAnders is changing its quality approach relating to the safeguarding of personal data. In order to better support you, in full transparency and in compliance with the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation), you will find below, in our Privacy Policy, the life cycle of your data collected via our various media.

• AD-Men
• Outlook (email service)
• AXIDO (web host)

AD-Men –

Our database, AD-Men, is an ATS for recruitment agencies edited by AD-RH. The data recorded on this ATS are fully stored on our internal server, Ad-HR has no backup.

Collection tools
The information recorded in AD-Men comes from candidates contacted by direct approach, CVs, unsolicited applications, Assessfirst personality tests, social networks (Linkedin / Viadeo profiles).

We keep only the strict minimum allowing the treatment of profiles or applications according to the positions to be filled with our client partners.

The retained data (when they are filled in) are as follows:

• Last name First Name
• Email address and / or phone number
• Address
• Professional experience
• Diplomas

When your data is stored in our Ad-men database, we remind you that you have the right to access your personal data for any modification or deletion.

Place of safeguard
The AD-Men database is stored on our server hosted via the cloud with our partner Axido.

Backup duration
24 months with update of your information at the 25th month. If, as a result of our e-mail, you do not respond within one month, or if you refuse to update, we will delete your data.

Access rights
Each member of the MacAnders team can access this data via a personalized login and password.


Outlook is a webmail service owned by Microsoft. It is through this tool that MacAnders sends and receives e-mails.

Collection tools
When you send a message to one of the MacAnders employees or via the contact box,, the recipient receives the application in his Outlook e-mail inbox. As part of the sending on the contact box, the information is directly received in the inbox AD-Men (specialized CRM for recruiting firms). As such, applications are automatically added to the AD-Men database.

If the message or the candidacy of an applicant turns out to be relevant; the task manager (recipient of the message) keeps the contact details of the issuer by manually integrating them into the AD-Men database, always for the purpose of recruitment. Otherwise, the data is immediately deleted. Similarly, for spontaneous applications, a weekly update of the database is carried out in the course of which all spontaneous contacts or candidacies deemed uninteresting are deleted.

Place of safeguard
Even if the data is relevant, they are never saved in the e-mail boxes of the firm but rather in the dedicated server and managed by our partner Axido. This server is dedicated to the AD-Men database and instantly creates a duplication of this backup.

Backup duration
24 months with update of your information at the 25th month. If you do not respond within one month, your data will be deleted.

Access rights
Only MacAnders employees have access to the AD-Men backup.
As for Outlook, only the recipient of a message holds the coordinates of the sender.


AXIDO is a French company specializing in IT services that supports SMEs in their digital transformation through IT outsourcing services and hosted services.

Collection tools
AXIDO the MacAnders database, as well as the AD-MEN business tool. The latter includes all the information collected through the activity of MacAnders.

Once the information has been collected, it is automatically saved on a redundant and perfectly secure server.

Place of safeguard
The data is housed in DATA center located in France of last generation and monitored 24 hours a day.

Backup duration
24 months with update of your information at the 25th month. If, as a result of our e-mail, you do not respond within one month, or if you refuse to update, we will delete your data.

Since the data on the cloud is correlated with data on AD-Men, databases on both platforms are deleted when they are initially deleted on the AD-Men CRM (See Data Backup Location on AD-Men). Men).

Access rights
Only our partner Axido holds the access rights of our servers, so it is the only one to have visibility on its data. However, remembering that the data is also and simultaneously available on AD-Men, all employees with AD-Men access can view their information. Please contact if


AssessFirst is an application that allows the evaluation of candidates via the online questionnaire.

Collection tool
The data collected by AssessFirst comes from contact forms, allowing the creation of an account, as well as the results of the evaluation questionnaires.

In order to receive an invitation to the potential assessment test, the candidate sends his email address to MacAnders. The candidate then receives by email, a link allowing him to create an account. In order to pass the test, the candidate must complete an information sheet directly on the AssessFirst website.

This form requires the following elements:

• Name
• First name
• Sex
• Creating a password
• Birth date
• Diploma
• Sector
• Job title level
• Phone

Place of safeguard
MacAnders retains the identity, contact information, and results of evaluations that are archived in MacAnders’ internal database.

AssessFirst keeps personal data and cookies. AssessFirst’s cloud services are hosted in France on their own dedicated online servers in the DC2 Datacenter.

Backup duration
MacAnders: 24 months with update of your information at the 25th month. If, following our e-mail you refuse the update, we delete your data.
AssessFirst: automatic deletion of personal data after 3 years (anonymization mechanism) and 25 months for cookies.

Permission to access
The AssessFirst sessions of MacAnders are accessible via an ID and a password.

Rights of access, rectification, deletion, portability and opposition
Our Data Protection Officer is Jean-Louis BRIARD who can be contacted either by mail at MacAnders 3, avenue Bertie Albrecht, 75008 Paris or by email at

You can exercise your rights of access, modification, deletion, limitation of our treatment at any time by contacting our DPO, Jean-Louis BRIARD.

You can also exercise your rights with the National Commission Informatique et Libertés.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices and uses made of your data, you can directly contact us at our number: + 33 1 56 43 43 43.